30 Days?!? I couldn’t even do 1!!

Julien Smith recently posted a link on his Twitter page on Why We Should Quit the Internet. He tells how he’s quitting the Internet for 30 days to focus on other areas of his life. It got me thinking. Could I really quit using the Internet for an entire month? Granted, right now with school and everything, it wouldn’t be possible, but even this summer when I don’t have a real need to be online, I don’t think I could do it.

I’m online practically every waking hour doing something and nowadays with everyone having a smart phone, it’s hard to break the habit. Even if I could manage to cut out my use of social networks for a brief moment, I couldn’t just ditch the Internet altogether. It’s my primary way of getting all sorts of information in the matter of a couple clicks.

I know unplugging every once in a while allows us to put our minds at ease and to focus on other things, but I think we have a need to stay connected and no one should try to take that away from us.

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LinkedIn? I want out…

For my Social Media class, I’m required to start a LinkedIn profile, so I set it up and am slowly filling it out. I don’t know how to feel about it, having all my personal information out there.

Plus, I really don’t see the point because what do I honestly have to offer an employer? A couple bunk ass jobs and an internship? I don’t have any professional work experience yet.

In the meantime, I’ll comply with this assignment, but after that, I intend on slapping my resume together and e-mailing it on over to where it needs to go.


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“Who ever thought that fat girl would grow into Oprah?”

As I was scoping out my Twitter feed today, I noticed a tweet from @redheadwriting. She posted a link to 5 inspiring examples of how famous people have failed, but still became successful. One of them was the KFC story of how Colonel Sanders finally sold his chicken recipe at age 64 after being turned down 1,005 times prior.

I love stories like this; it’s a reminder that none of us should be afraid to set our dreams high and go after them, no matter how hard it may be along the way.

To me, success is accomplishing your goals, but most of all making money, no matter how you do it.

Take the real Rick Ross for example. This guy is a self-made millionaire. He sold crazy amounts of crack cocaine before he was arrested for drug trafficking. To be a successful drug dealer takes the smartest of all kinds, regardless what anyone thinks. Rick Ross is a marketing genius, who came from the scum of society and now he’s living the life most people desire. When he was released from prison, he still got to keep his money, since the police couldn’t locate his huge ass stash!

I know Rick Ross shouldn’t be my idol and he isn’t, but he certainly is inspiring. He knew what his neighborhood wanted and he was determined to give it to them.

Just like the rapper, Rick Ross says,  “Who ever thought that fat girl would grow into Oprah?”

It’s all about going for it and being fearless.

I mean look at Tony Robbins. All this guy does is travel around the country telling people to just fucking think positive. How hard is that? Regardless, his motivational speaking works and he’s certainly profiting from it.

What’s your next big idea? I don’t know what mine is, but I’m sure willing to spend the rest of my life figuring it out. I refuse to die a broke ass bitch!

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Spring Break Throws Me Off…

I just came back to school this week after enjoying a week off for spring break. It’s such a dread to wake up, drive to school, walk when I get there, and sit for over an hour in each class. There’s so many other things I’d rather be doing; however, getting that long of a break throws me off.

Not to mention, I had homework to do over spring break anyway, which really made the thought of coming back to school even less appealing. Although getting a break from school is nice, I didn’t get the luxury of leaving the state or even the country for that matter like many of my friends, so what’s the point? I think that spring break should be an optional thing and those who choose not to take one will get out of school earlier that semester.

Granted, this would never happen and less than 1% of students would agree with me, but a girl can dream.  

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Damn It Feels Good To Be A Diva…

One of my classmates found an article online and then it was incorporated into a recent class discussion. It’s called the “7 Deadly Personality Disorders of Social Media.” After looking through the list, I instantly knew which fit me best. I’m a diva and damn proud of it! The description of diva fits me to a “T!” If you read my other blogs, they will only confirm this.

I love talking about myself at work, at school, at home, and even to the damn gas station attendant. So, it’s no surprise that I talk about myself online! (Look at me now!) I would love for you all to see my Facebook posts and you would see what I mean. You know that 12:1 ratio of how many times you should talk about somebody else versus how many times you should talk about yourself? I’m definitely the complete opposite of that. I’m a total sucker for gossip and drama, so I support all divas to the fullest extent.

I definitely like to brag about my accomplishments, just like the stereotypical diva. Last semester I actually forwarded an e-mail from a classmate to my professor to brag to him how great I was doing on a project. I kept telling him myself about my excellent progress, but I didn’t think he realized it, so I felt the need to e-mail him a confirmation.

I think everyone has a little diva in them, if not they should. Sometimes being a diva is a positive thing. What about when you’re writing a resume for a job you really want? If you don’t brag, you’ll have no chance.

I’m a diva and I’m not conceited; I’m just proud to be me and there’s nothing wrong with that. Power to the divas!


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Video Chat Anyone? Even for that job interview?!

Social media ninja and guru, Cali Lewis, recently tweeted about a job that could be interviewed for over video chat and it got me to thinking.  If a job candidate lives out of state, this may seem the way to go, but there are also cons to this new-aged idea.

Imagine how much money a company could save if they interviewed a job candidate over video chat. This would eliminate the cost of their plane ticket and hotel stay; however, the company never knows if the certain individual being interviewed will even be right for the job and if they’re not, the money spent to host them in the city for that night wasn’t even worth it.

Even though video chat enables face-to-face interaction, it still takes away from traditional face-to-face communication. You miss the nonverbal cues a person displays, which really assists the flow of conversation. Plus, I’ve heard that within the first few seconds, an interviewer has pretty much made his or her mind up about you. To get a positive reaction, you could have easily given the interviewer a firm handshake when walking into his or her office, but what do you do when you’re doing a video chat? What can you do to make you stand out from the rest?

If a job you’re interviewing for out of state proposes a video chat and you’re unsure of how to rock the interview, I suggest you make every effort to head to that city on your own. Sometimes, I realize, that’s completely out of the question, so you need to be prepared. Check out Alison Doyle’s tips on succeeding in an interview via video chat.

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Trust Agents: The Archimedes Effect

There are many things you can do to be effective in your career. One is by taking the Archimedes Effect into account. The Archimedes Effect goes hand in hand with leveraging. In other words, it basically means to gain advantage by acting effectively to influence others, which can be done in ways that have never been done before. A simple way to achieve this is by taking ideas that have worked for you in the past and applying them to create new innovations. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith mentioned a good example of this in their book, Trust Agents. “Apple used its market dominance with the  iPod as a springboard to the creation of the iPhone.” Look how successful the iPhone has become!

Leveraging can work in many areas of your life. Take LinkedIn for instance. To make your
profile work for you, you must first identify what career path you want to take and what types of people you want to connect with. Then you can go from there and start  networking online. Join a forum or some type of online community to sell yourself and see where it takes you.

With the Archimedes Effect, there are endless possibilities, possibilities that can make
you stand out in the crowd and that can ultimately change your life. Right now I’m actually trying this out in my own life. I’m currently in the process of writing short stories that I will soon upload to the Kindle bookstore. By doing this, I’m eliminating the middle man. There’s no need for a publisher; it’s all me. I plan to profit off this idea, but if not at least it’ll be an example of what didn’t work for me. This idea is all about trial and error. You take what works for you and expand off those ideas. When something doesn’t work, you sit
back and analyze why it didn’t and what you could have done different.

If people never adopted the Archimedes Effect, the world would be a pretty dull place. We have come a long way since the world was created, but there are still many innovations to come. I encourage you to take a risk and start the next big thing.

For other ways to help in advancing your career, check out my classmates’ blog posts as well. Coye talks about Agent Zero, which explains how to network. Kelsey talks about Making Your Own Game, which explains how to stand up against competition. And Elly talks about Building an Army, which explains how to get good job references to help you advance in your career.

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