Children Have Access To Everything!

Brian Solis just posted a link on his Twitter page called Blame It on the Youth. It talks of how we live in a digital media age. For kids growing up in today’s world, this is all they know. Children of all ages are online and it’s crazy to think of what they have access too.

Facebook, for example, has a mimimum age requirement of 13 in order to start an account, but we all know how easy it is to lie about our age online. Many of my friends younger siblings have Facebook pages and they are under age 13, so I can only imagine how many “minors” there actually are on Facebook.

Facebook seems relatively harmless compared to some other sites out there today. Think of all the porn and other trash that is just lying out there in cyber space just waiting for some kid to click on it.

I just wish there was a way to keep younger children off the internet, but it seems doing that is impossible, so we need some type of full proof plan to regulate what our children see.

This whole digital media age is a fun, exciting thing, but the idea of young children having full access to anything and everything scares me just a bit.


About alrockey

I'm a Communications major, have two jobs, and take care of my two-year-old son. I'm also engaged and look forward to starting my life out in the professional world of broadcasting when I graduate.
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