Spring Break Throws Me Off…

I just came back to school this week after enjoying a week off for spring break. It’s such a dread to wake up, drive to school, walk when I get there, and sit for over an hour in each class. There’s so many other things I’d rather be doing; however, getting that long of a break throws me off.

Not to mention, I had homework to do over spring break anyway, which really made the thought of coming back to school even less appealing. Although getting a break from school is nice, I didn’t get the luxury of leaving the state or even the country for that matter like many of my friends, so what’s the point? I think that spring break should be an optional thing and those who choose not to take one will get out of school earlier that semester.

Granted, this would never happen and less than 1% of students would agree with me, but a girl can dream.  


About alrockey

I'm a Communications major, have two jobs, and take care of my two-year-old son. I'm also engaged and look forward to starting my life out in the professional world of broadcasting when I graduate.
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7 Responses to Spring Break Throws Me Off…

  1. Kristin says:

    Most years I would say that you’re way off base and that I need my week vacation. Like you, I didn’t really do anything this year and am having an even harder time focusing and motivating myself now that break is over. This year, I would’ve loved to skip spring break and have finals a week earlier. Then again, there are years where I go on vacation and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. I’m torn.

  2. Elly Terhaar says:

    This is a really hard decision! For almost all of my breaks in middle, high school and college I have been able to travel or go home to Maryland. This is a time that I get to see my friends back home because I choose to go to college far away. I personally enjoy having a break and being able to forget about school. (Even though many teachers assign things to do) It would be nice to end earlier just to get to summer. I think the best break is winter break because you are in between classes and you can just work. But then again, summer is that way too! (And better weather!) As you can tell by my response I am torn as well! Good job Rockey! This makes college students think!

  3. Randi Aspinwall says:

    I would SKIP IT! I didn’t go anywhere since I still work, have an internship, a kid, and am kind of broke! I get a big graduation trip to either Vegas or the Bahamas that I am dying for. Spring break is the worst for second semester seniors. I feel zero motivation to do homework or study. It’s not that I just want to play all the time, I’d just much rather work. I’d rather have all my efforts go towards a company, instead of my grade. I’d much rather have a boss be mad at me, than a professor disappointed in me for not doing a great job. I’m over school, and a break is just a tease! I’d would have much rather kept up my stamina with school and graduate a week early.

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  5. sweden7 says:

    I must agree with you Rockey; I think I would much rather just skip spring break and take my finals earlier. Just like Kristin, I love having breaks when I’ve got somewhere to go. But, this year I didn’t go anywhere and spent all break at home doing nothing but clean and do laundry (at least, that’s what it felt like). Being back in school this week was torture; I was completely unmotivated to do anything and knew that I had a million things that should have been done. And the problem is that I wasn’t even this unmotivated before the break – I felt like I was floating along just fine! So I do agree, spring break should be optional for students, and if you do decide to go somewhere, you take your finals a week later 🙂

  6. JMB says:

    Rockey – Even after a week off, you’re at the top of your game. Thanks for stirring it up and keeping it interesting.

  7. cmharrett says:

    Spring break is very necessary. Even if I was a senior I don’t think I’d opt for getting out earlier. Having the week break provides a much needed “re-charge” for my mental state. Without it, the semester would seemingly drag on forever and make classwork more dreadful.

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