Video Chat Anyone? Even for that job interview?!

Social media ninja and guru, Cali Lewis, recently tweeted about a job that could be interviewed for over video chat and it got me to thinking.  If a job candidate lives out of state, this may seem the way to go, but there are also cons to this new-aged idea.

Imagine how much money a company could save if they interviewed a job candidate over video chat. This would eliminate the cost of their plane ticket and hotel stay; however, the company never knows if the certain individual being interviewed will even be right for the job and if they’re not, the money spent to host them in the city for that night wasn’t even worth it.

Even though video chat enables face-to-face interaction, it still takes away from traditional face-to-face communication. You miss the nonverbal cues a person displays, which really assists the flow of conversation. Plus, I’ve heard that within the first few seconds, an interviewer has pretty much made his or her mind up about you. To get a positive reaction, you could have easily given the interviewer a firm handshake when walking into his or her office, but what do you do when you’re doing a video chat? What can you do to make you stand out from the rest?

If a job you’re interviewing for out of state proposes a video chat and you’re unsure of how to rock the interview, I suggest you make every effort to head to that city on your own. Sometimes, I realize, that’s completely out of the question, so you need to be prepared. Check out Alison Doyle’s tips on succeeding in an interview via video chat.


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I'm a Communications major, have two jobs, and take care of my two-year-old son. I'm also engaged and look forward to starting my life out in the professional world of broadcasting when I graduate.
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2 Responses to Video Chat Anyone? Even for that job interview?!

  1. Kristin says:

    I agree that it is more difficult to make the initial impression, but I think that video interviews are the way that we’re going in our society. We are so overwhelmed in our lives and going at such a fast pace, that rarely do our business deals or interactions take place in person anyway. In some ways, I think that a video interview will help employers to determine whether or not the candidate can have effective communication with clients or co-workers over the phone, video or email. I’m not saying it’s right, but I think it is the best and most convenient way available right now.

  2. Elly Terhaar says:

    I think video chat is a lot better than phone interviews or by email. At least you can have the facial non verbals. Plus if the camera is wide enough maybe you could get some hand movements too! I agree with Kristin that is the way our society is taking to technology. I am sure that in a couple years technology will advance and we will have a better form of interview process if it is out of state. For now, people will always take the cheap way out! So, for now we just have to be satisfied! Great post!

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