Now We Shovel Snow And Shit

A couple days ago, a massive amount of snow hit Madison, Wisconsin and much of the city shut down. Children and teachers got off school and many others called into work and layed low at home. Many people take snow days like this for granted.
For a good part of my life I lived in the country and helped with farm work. My family and I NEVER got a day off because the amount of snowfall or freezing temperatures. As a matter of fact, we had to work twice as hard. During colder temperatures, machines tend to shut down, electricity can go out, pipes can freeze, and cattle can die. It’s one of the most stressful times in a farmer’s life. I never turned on NBC15 and saw that farms were closed for a snow day.
So, the next time you’re sitting at home on a snow day, think of the farmers who are out in the cold busting their ass, just so you can eat. By the way, we don’t get paid more to shovel snow and shit!


About alrockey

I'm a Communications major, have two jobs, and take care of my two-year-old son. I'm also engaged and look forward to starting my life out in the professional world of broadcasting when I graduate.
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